Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi, My Name is Baobei

My name is Baobei
Chinese name 宝贝 :D
I'm a Maltese boy with white hairy
and my mummy is this blog owner!
so I help her to blog okok :p
well, I must be too handsome so they brought me home!
orh.. you don't believe it?

The best part of mine is my cute tongue
i love to put my tongue out and it look cute
when i do like that mummy will took out her camera
and i got lengzai pics plus snacks !nom nom 
大头照 like girls usually camwhore :D

act innocent .shy.

When I first day home i vomited and couldn't sleep
but daddy accompany me whole night long
But I m getting more and more naughty nowadays
I love to bite! Tehee!
but now my grandma will belanja me rotan so i not dare to T.T

Umhmm let me tell you my daily activities
i love to eat and i want to grow fatter
so mum and dad won't accidentally kick me and made me roll far far :P
I slurp my food within 30seconds! *wink*

This is my house!
and i m drinking water inside
wondering when i will have my own bungalow o.o
*daddy can u hear me!*

omg! I sleep sleep sleep whenever i likey!

oh yeah!
most importantly my toys!!
i can go mad with my toys alone hehe!

Orh mummy says i look like a FOX! Musang!
especially my ears :P
so basically i eat sleep and play ! hulala~

I got a new accessory from mum and dad one day!
sporty one piece jacket!
looks bit like rocker

yoyo~ check it out!

Handsome right?
but obviously its too big for me
when i run, the shirt leave on the same place still !!

mum was so sad because this is so expensive
she said she bought a rm70 dress also need to consider very long
but for mine shirt she just took it and pay!

mummy don't sad ok
i show you my cute tongue to cheer you!

see, my hair got yelllowish because i play a lot
and then i love to bath!!
kesian daddy have to buy whitening shampoo and conditioner
mummy and grandma love to smell my hair after bathing me!

Oooops! mummy got no skill :P

And i m so up to date!
mum and dad bought me a German jersey
that's only because this is the smallest size

Hey looks!
it fit me well!
left side view

right side view

alright i know i m lengzai
but sometimes i act gay too!
I look like a ladies here

Mummy is going to start working tomorrow
I wish her all the best!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flowers & Garden Festival

I'm much better after sleeping and slacking all day long
working at furniture fair definitely was a new experience
what wood what glass also need to know lol
I think most of those KL-sian are still rich u know
they amount they spent on furniture at least few thousand
well, if i got a new house i will do that too la =p

Few weeks back we whole family and my ayi went to Putrajaya
my 1st time there :)
flowerish and gardenish design
1 Malaysia
made up by chrysanthemum flowers
I think they add on some chemical thing during plantation
mood was great when saw colorful thing
bro n ice

I love this a lot
those note cute max

and this turtle!
ultimately I stunned!!
green bean and bali u know!! madness

white chic

harlo my mum! ^^
trying to act cute haha

creative design :)

we r hamsap !! yes!! ;p

The Cool Chipmunk no2 ! hahahaha

i believe this is chicken

and fashion design!

u know malaysian are like that
when there is some touchable thing
sure gone case =.=
i bet someone stole the apple!! grrr

I salute the designer!!
candle u know! omg!!

remind me of primary school ?
: )

It's fun and nice trip
but super hot! T.T
continue with my games! haha


Saturday, July 24, 2010


I got a job already !!!!!
u cannot imagine how happy i m
i hug my mum and kissed her
because i m so happy and i think she felt the same way too!
i got the paid i expected and the working place is convenient
and most importantly its audit assistant!
and he don't mind me does not have any experience!!
omg i m more than just blessed
: )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best Jimui Forever

9 days after my last update huh =.=
sorry was working part time
$ is more important than anything "x
last Saturday i dated my most important partner
me of the day^^
ignore the stupid hair
no idea why the hair like that everyday
make me feel so malu!

Soft layered bow tie blouse :) love!

then she accompany me to career fair
seeking for job ! i wanna work as auditor!! but too bad not peak period now ;[
then we off to timesquare
Express Soup for lunch
indeed ..very express wei~
spaghetti .. mushroom

thats the creamy mushroom soup
with really a lots of mushroom inside
no cheat one LOL
and i don't like the bread. taste sux
i suggest u guys order this only.. =x

tuna bread

oh this is the lady i mention :)
she was sick and she still show up

i got no idea why my hair keep turn up like that
and yeah no big small eyes

went drinking abit at sungai wang
camwhore but PHAILED
blur blur blur lol

ok i m clear but she is blur! lol

ok changed plan
sit together!

Finally, supa clear ! nice shoot :D



Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tony Roma with Sopoh

Tony Roma's Strawberry Pina Colada
mixture of milk and strawberry i think
zhun! try it !!
thumbs up :D
special thanks to uncle gin who recommend this to me

while waiting for sopoh (oops..Jett Yeen) to arrive..this is what i do..
I think i have very serious 大小眼 (big small eyes)and its very obvious
this only happen when i apply eyeliner
so i start staring at the mirror recently when i did not apply make up
I think my eyes have no problem..double eyelid,eyeball all balance!
I don't know la because i have some problem with my balancing
I can't draw a straight line without a ruler =\
Balancing Phailed

this late dinner take a few hours to finish!
to many to gossip ! 2 of us ! omg :P

Potato Soup
nice try :) sometimes might get bored by mushroom soup

Bread :)

still i ordered sandwich cause the portion is ngam ngam hou for me

still he ordered fish n chips cause its too yummylicious!

so you will realize we love to stick with what we used to
less exposure. good thing ? perhaps =p

her BBQ chicken which looks so juicy and taste BBQedly ! haha

cupcakes that i bought for her!
a little gift for your birthday! ;D

anyhow with the weirdo eyes still do lots of camwhore
and it can't be edited *wtf*


the bill we paid at 12am
should buy toto i think

at carpark :)

more photos at facebook yea !
and she is still single and available la !