Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi, My Name is Baobei

My name is Baobei
Chinese name 宝贝 :D
I'm a Maltese boy with white hairy
and my mummy is this blog owner!
so I help her to blog okok :p
well, I must be too handsome so they brought me home!
orh.. you don't believe it?

The best part of mine is my cute tongue
i love to put my tongue out and it look cute
when i do like that mummy will took out her camera
and i got lengzai pics plus snacks !nom nom 
大头照 like girls usually camwhore :D

act innocent .shy.

When I first day home i vomited and couldn't sleep
but daddy accompany me whole night long
But I m getting more and more naughty nowadays
I love to bite! Tehee!
but now my grandma will belanja me rotan so i not dare to T.T

Umhmm let me tell you my daily activities
i love to eat and i want to grow fatter
so mum and dad won't accidentally kick me and made me roll far far :P
I slurp my food within 30seconds! *wink*

This is my house!
and i m drinking water inside
wondering when i will have my own bungalow o.o
*daddy can u hear me!*

omg! I sleep sleep sleep whenever i likey!

oh yeah!
most importantly my toys!!
i can go mad with my toys alone hehe!

Orh mummy says i look like a FOX! Musang!
especially my ears :P
so basically i eat sleep and play ! hulala~

I got a new accessory from mum and dad one day!
sporty one piece jacket!
looks bit like rocker

yoyo~ check it out!

Handsome right?
but obviously its too big for me
when i run, the shirt leave on the same place still !!

mum was so sad because this is so expensive
she said she bought a rm70 dress also need to consider very long
but for mine shirt she just took it and pay!

mummy don't sad ok
i show you my cute tongue to cheer you!

see, my hair got yelllowish because i play a lot
and then i love to bath!!
kesian daddy have to buy whitening shampoo and conditioner
mummy and grandma love to smell my hair after bathing me!

Oooops! mummy got no skill :P

And i m so up to date!
mum and dad bought me a German jersey
that's only because this is the smallest size

Hey looks!
it fit me well!
left side view

right side view

alright i know i m lengzai
but sometimes i act gay too!
I look like a ladies here

Mummy is going to start working tomorrow
I wish her all the best!


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